Hannibal At The Pie Hole

Since this website is called “Fullerverse”, I thought it would be appropriate for me to write a Fullerverse crossover article of some sort on if Ned (of Pushing Daisies) was to hire Hannibal (of Hannibal) as a baker at The Pie Hole.

Now the initial thought is, how the heck would Hannibal get to the Pie Hole? Well, let’s just say this is pre-Apértif, and Hannibal discovered The Pie Hole on a lonely vacation while traveling through the town. Hannibal thought that the pies at The Pie Hole were so dang good that he would go there every year when he was on vacation. Ned would begin to notice the strange man dressed in three pieced suits coming into The Pie Hole every year and maybe be even a little creeped out by him. That, of course, didn’t stop Hannibal from making small conversation with him when he was there. Hannibal would talk about his cooking talents and his love for the culinary arts. Eventually, this small talk would lead Hannibal into him actually showing Ned his talents by baking Ned a pie.

I wouldn’t think Hannibal would start off from the get-go cooking meat pies. Hannibal’s deductive skills would help him infer that Ned doesn’t like to stray away from traditional fruit pies. So, Hannibal bakes Ned a delicious cherry pie and he loves it. There was something different about the pie, though Ned couldn’t quite put his finger on it. Nonetheless, Hannibal continues to bake these traditional pies to fancy pies with exotic fruits.

Impressed with Hannibal’s pie skills, Ned considers hiring Hannibal as a pie baker at The Pie Hole. This is because of the cases Ned, Emerson, Chuck, and even (sometimes) Olive go on that leave The Pie Hole empty. To keep his business a flowing on these cases, Ned must hire Hannibal. Hannibal takes up Ned’s offer and becomes an honorary Pie Hole pie baker. Every case in which the whole gang set out on, Hannibal would get a call, and he would fill in at the restaurant. Hannibal’s time at The Pie Hole lead him to eventually bake meat pies and try to add them to the menu.

Ned would be hesitant to add the meat pies to the menu because, like I have said above, he is a traditional fruit pie kind of guy. Hannibal would persuade him otherwise though, and as a result, (human) meat pies are added to The Pie Hole menu. This goes on for quite a bit with everyone being oblivious to Hannibal’s true main ingredient in his pies.

Of course, Hannibal would have to stop working at The Pie Hole and the events of what happen in Hannibal ensue. Which, in my mind, The Pie Hole investigation team is secretly working together to catch the once Pie Hole pie baker.

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this article was written by former Staffer Monica Codina

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