What Did Abigail Do At Hannibal’s?

In an earth-shaking finale for the second season of Hannibal, we discovered Abigail was alive only to be thrown into the air once again. Aside from her survival, the question is: what did Abigail do with all that time to herself? I mean, Hannibal’s a busy man with his practice and the FBI and the operas to attend and whatnot; she was bound to have the house to herself some of the time. So, let’s assume that she could leave the basement, whether she was allowed to or whether she could pick locks or something. Abigail could have:

  • Learned an instrument: because how useful are Theremin skills, huh?
  • Made some really interesting sandwiches from what’s lying around. Human heart and shin with a balsamic glaze because why not?
  • Put little dots in pen on the underside of all of Hannibal’s cushions, because she’d know they were there even if he didn’t.
  • Learned how to rock the androgynous look because suit collection of champions on tap.
  • Became a wine connoisseur, because there’s got to be half-opened bottles from all those dinner parties, right?
  • Found out if weird things like wasabi crackers cure hangovers (no).
  • Kept putting the occasional spoon in the knife section of the cutlery drawer, just for kicks.
  • Tried to listen in on Hannibal’s dinner parties.
  • Tried not to listen in on Hannibal and Alana.
  • Made some nice new cushions filled with things other than human hair because soft furnishings always brighten up a secret hiding place, don’t you think?
  • Read an awful lot of books.
  • As a result, became an expert on exciting niche subjects like musical instrument resins.
  • Gotten angry that she’d never be able to go on a quiz show and so set up her own in the basement.
  • Vaguely wondered if the rights to said game show could’ve been sold under a pseudonym and never dealt with the television company in person, like a PBS Wizard of Oz.
  • Found Hannibal’s notebook of cannibalism puns and memorized some for future reference.
  • Played Operation! with Hannibal. Consistently lost.
  • Practiced Operation! alone to try and make up for non-surgically trained skill.
  • Wrote lots and lots of letters to Will that she never sent (you’re welcome for that one).
  • Re-enacted the Beauty and the Beast dining room scene complete with a tea set, crockery, cutlery, and candlesticks when Hannibal was working late.
  • Gotten ridiculously high scores on every app-of-the-moment because of a criminal amount of free time.
  • Crept into Hannibal’s room and un-balled a few pairs of socks, re-pairing them with an odd partner.

And the list goes on. Maybe Bryan Fuller can confirm a large portion of these. Tweet @Fullerverse with some of your ideas!


this article was written by former Staffer Corrigan Lowe

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