How To Make Your Own Fannibal Flower Crown

We have all seen the photographs of Bryan and the cast of Hannibal enjoying their glorious flower crowns. It’s time for you to have your very own! These colourful creations can be worn for fun, as part of a cosplay, or a fun everyday accessory to flaunt your inner Fannibal, and they are are surprisingly easy to make.

Things you will need:

  • A reel of craft wire. I am using a 0.8mm copper wire but the specific material doesn’t particularly matter, as long as it is strong and malleable.
  • A selection of fake flowers. Decide on a colour scheme, up to three different colours usually works best.
  • Ribbon.
  • Long nose pliers.
  • Scissors, or pliers with a cutting edge.

Step 1. To start, take the wire and measure around your head, twisting over the wire when you are happy with a size. Doubling the wire over like this is optional, but it will make the crown less flimsy.

Step 2. Next step is choosing the flowers. Decide on a pattern or colour scheme. Typically three or four colours work best, and two or three types of flower, but you can make your flower crown as elaborate or as simple as you like.

Step 3. Remove the flower head from the stalk, either trim them with the pliers or sometimes the head can be simply pulled off.

Step 4. Trim off a piece of wire and wrap it around the base of the flower head. Most of them have this star shape on the base, but if your’s does not, you can simply wrap the wire around the stem, securing it by pressing the wire to the plastic with the pliers. Make sure you leave enough wire at the end so you can attach it to the crown.

Step 5. Repeat this with a selection of flower heads and begin to arrange the flowers on the wire circle to get an idea of how you want the flowers to look, they could be arranged randomly, or in a repeating pattern, it’s entirely up to you!

Step 6. Once you’re happy with the arrangement of your flowers, begin to apply them by wrapping the wire around the crown. Use the pliers to press down all the pointy edges. You don’t want anything poking into your head when you’re wearing it.

Step 7. Begin to fill out your flower crown. I like to arrange the main flowers around the crown with spaces in between. You can fill the spaces with smaller flowers or leaves which also come on the stems of the fake flowers. You can also apply trinkets such as feathers or beads to really customise your crown and make it your own.

Step 8. The final step is where the ribbon comes in; you will need to cover the wire base with the ribbon to ensure that any pokey bits that are left will not hurt you or get caught in your hair.

When you are finished, your crown should look something like this. Now you know how to make them, you can explore a range of designs, experiment with colour schemes and flower sizes. Wear it with pride!


this article was written by former Staffer Shannon Howes

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