Tasteful Sights and Where to Find Them (A Trip to Florence!)

I recently came across a post by WJ, who traveled to Italy with little Hannibal and Will figures. She posted a bunch of photos taken at Hannibal‘s filming locations in Florence and they were so cute. She has given me permission to post her photos here and shared with more fannibals.

Just in case any of you are thinking of taking a trip to Florence and visiting some of Hannibal’s locations, here’s a guide for you!



Photo taken at Palazzo Medici Riccardi.

Say hi to Dr. Fell!


Where “Dr. Fell” first met his new friend, poor Anthony..


I think the set for this scene was a combination of filming on location and amazing PD, but of course it looks super real and wonderful!

In the show, the space was depicted as a museum exhibiting instruments of torture. WJ said she was really disappointed when she found out there’s no such exhibition..



Photos taken at Ponte Santa Trinita:


After Hannibal was attacked, he limped back to his place at Piazza di Santa Maria. The funny thing is you don’t really need to cross the bridge– it’s all for dramatic filmmaking.


Photo taken at an alley close to Borgo Santi Apostoli:


All the bikes and motorcycles are still there! I can almost sense Dr. Lecter’s distinct existence.

Quick fun fact here: Florence actually kept some of the alleys in their original states, meaning that you and Dante could have walked the exact same path, and Hannibal might have stood on a rock that Dante once stood on.



Photos taken at Galleria degli Uffizi:


After Will got pushed off the train by Chiyoh, he fought his way to Florence and met Jack at the crime scene.


WJ told me it’s really crowded in the Botticelli room and there wasn’t a bench in front of Primavera, but I don’t think it was shot on location anyway. Again, Hannibal’s amazing PD team fooled us. But you can always have some relaxing time at the Uffizi courtyard!


Bang bang.. here comes Chiyoh.


Photo taken at Palermo. WJ said she forgot to bring the figures so she bought some postcards and posed them this way.



Thanks to the wonderful WJ.C! It’s so lovely to see people posing with Hannibal figures. WJ half-jokingly told me that it’s a bit embarrassing to hold tiny figures and take pictures in a crowded space (especially in art museums).

“I kept wondering what if Dr. Lecter sees me,” says WJ, “I mean, he would have been like, ‘posing in front of Botticelli? Rude.'”


Thanks to FangirlQuest I was able to find all the locations shown in WJ’s photos!

Link to WJ’s original post in Chinese here!

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