Things That Film People Said About “Hannibal” & Bryan Fuller (The Unexpected Part II)

A long time ago, I wrote an article on the things that film people said about Hannibal and Bryan Fuller. After another pretentious year at this lovely film school, I decided it’s time for an updated one (that no one asked for).


I showed my speech class the last part of the epic “Mizumono” (that is, Hannibal Season 2 Episode 13, and yes it’s cruel I know, I’m sorry). When Hannibal and Will slowly got closer to each other, they all aw’d. My friend, S, turned to me and smiled, “Lanca, I think they’re really cute.” However, we all know what happened immediately after that. When we were at the stabbing part, one of them cried out and was generally confused. She was so sad and she asked, “But why did he do that?” Another classmate hesitated for a second and answered, “Probably because he’s a serial killer..?”

It’s okay, girl. We all forgot that at some point.


In my screenwriting class, my professor asked for our favorite showrunners. I, of course, went with Bryan. He paused for a second and told me that he really felt bad for Hannibal, Pushing Daisies, and so many other Fullerverse shows because everything this man did was absolutely beautiful. That was a very touching moment.


Last semester, I was in a motion graphics class with an amazing professor. One of our assignments was to make an opening/title sequence for a TV show or movie. She showed us the opening of True Detective and told us that last year, a student made a title similar to the double exposure, minimal movement style, but with all the dead bodies and crime scenes in Hannibal. I was screaming inside. Unfortunately, when I found her after class and asked to see the project, we couldn’t find it. “But you can make one just like that,” She said, “it’s going to be super cool.”

I ended up going with another idea I had at the time, but I did ask her if she watches the show. She said she LOVED the editing, special effects, and cinematography, but she couldn’t watch it because all the crime scenes were too visual. “But.. they’re so beautiful!” I argued.
Her: “They are! And that’s why I was conflicted. But after the violin one I was super convinced that I would not be able to watch it. And the angels? Oh god, the angels.”
Me: “Aw, but that’s the best one! Look how beautiful they fly!”
She rolled her eyes and kicked my chair.


One day I was in the library reading American Gods when my friend Lily randomly showed up. She frowned and stared at the book for a few seconds and asked (more like screamed), “YOU READ?”

..Though I’ve never been good at finishing books, I am a huge fan of Neil Gaiman. I explained to her how Bryan is now running American Gods and why this collaboration would be the best thing that ever happened to human beings, especially after the tragic 2016. She finally came to a realization.

“Oh, Bryan Fuller. No wonder you actually put efforts in reading.”

Well, couldn’t have said it better myself.

Lanca Li
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