Bryan Fuller at the Women’s March

MARCHING WITH THE LADIES OF @AmericanGodsSTZ POST @YetideBadaki @danny_iam #WomensMarchLosAngeles  (X)

Bryan Fuller makes his way, affirmatively, into people’s hearts.

The 21st of January 2017 marked a very remarkable day in history as millions of women marched the streets across the globe to affirm what women have been fighting for, for centuries – their rights! And of course our wonderful showrunner Bryan made an appearance in the marches which confirms, yet again, how incredibly beautiful this human is.  He and the ladies of his upcoming project American Gods took to the streets in  LA with the endless of crowd.

Of course one cannot simply ignore the bright pink pussyhat he wore proudly in support of the march. Notice the sign “women are perfect”? If this is not enough of an affirmation of how amazing he is, I do not know what is. Bryan has always been vocal about his views on political and social issues. This is part of his undeniable charm and what gives him immense charisma.

Just in case you missed his pussyhat and how adorable he is when he posted it on his twitter, here it is – it was tweeted a day before the march:

“TOMORROW WE MARCH #womensmarchlosangeles”

This adds to the empire of respect and love Bryan has been building throughout the years. More and more people are falling in love with him and his mind. Everyday he gives us more reasons to be proud fans of his!

I wanted to write about this and show you all, in case you do not already know, why Bryan is so unique and how he leads by example. As a personal with high social profile, Bryan gives his audience a chance to know as much about his thoughts and beliefs as possible. Just take a look at his twitter page, it is filled with strong statements on social/political matters, something rarely done with people in his work/industry.

Bryan is not the only celebrity who marched on the 21st. Many marched along in various parts of the US and across the globe. It is worth mentioning few Fullerverse names including Richard Armitage and Gillian Anderson from Hannibal, and Lee Pace from Pushing Daisies and Wonderfalls.

This is truly exciting and I, personally, can’t wait to see what Bryan is up to this year. But, what I am most excited about, most certainly, is American Gods!

Proud to be a Fullerian, forever and always.

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