The World Of Cinematic Delights And Absolute Ecstasy

Why do you need to be a “Fullerian”?

Besides his undeniable charm and charismatic character, Bryan Fuller has managed to strike his audience with his abnormal abilities in storytelling and script writing. Fuller is anything but normal, and that is what differentiates him and sets him apart from the rest in the industry. He always brings the best of the best to his audience with his work, varying from short lived – but brilliantly executed – TV shows such as Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls, and Pushing Daisies to the masterpiece, which never ceases to amaze, Hannibal.  It is one of the many reasons he has such a large and dedicated fan base (with more than 136.4K followers on Twitter and 10.1K followers on Instagram alone), and that is online alone!! The interminable force of talent Fuller possesses never fails to show throughout his work and in the best forms possible.

Exquisite story plots, and scripts, have been and will always be one of Fuller’s strongest talents. A regular fan of Fuller can easily distinguish his work, even without the need of prior knowledge that it is his work (by simply looking at the luminously executed cinematography, the astonishing characters, and the peculiar story plots adding the special “Fuller flavor”). A newbie will stand helpless in front of his talent and find themselves drawn to his universe faster than they could have expected. Quirky yet relatable characters, remarkable cinematography, and pulsating script writing are some of the secret ingredients to Fuller’s impeccable plots. His work transfers the viewer from the ordinary day-to-day life, to a marvelous universe filled with endless possibilities. Fuller’s boundless realm is nourished with mind boggling plots and twists. His TV and cinematic odyssey continues to startle viewers and it will lure you to its pit of shimmering ecstasy and absolute delight.

You must join the “Fullerian Army” – that’s what I like to call the ever growing and dedicated fan base – because if you don’t, you are missing out on a prodigious side of life. Fuller’s abilities stem from his remarkable talents as a writer; his work manages to pull the viewers into his universe. Even though his stories are not something you would read in a children’s book (they tend to be vicious in nature and graphic in appearance), if you are one of those wandering minds lusting for alternative universes and exploration of the unknown, then Fuller is your guy. I don’t want to tell you what all his TV shows are about, because you can read that off Wikipedia!. But what Wikipedia, and other sources, will fail to tell you is that being a Fullerian is elevating! Yes, elevating! It levitates your soul to new levels of boundless realms and endless possibilities.

The Fullerverse stimulates your thinking, makes you want to explore sides of your mind you did not know existed. It makes you accept the unacceptable and be absolutely delighted about it. It manipulates your feelings and places your soul on a rollercoaster of endless emotions. It brings you out of your world and into his, a world filled with marvels and unfamiliar sensations. It is a home for the outcast minds, the minds who seek shelter from the mundane world but cannot find any. Fuller gives those minds the opportunity to find their place in his work. Exploring the unknown, that is what a Fullerian would do!

So, what are you waiting for? Are you still having doubts about it? Give your mind the ecstasy it desires. Give yourself the chance to be part of this wondrous universe. Life is too short to sit around watching ordinary shows meant for the common public. Elevate! Rise to the Fullerverse and unlock your true potentials. Give your eyes the treats they truly deserve.

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