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Here at Fullerverse, we hope that your interest in and love for Bryan Fuller’s works extends beyond simply the characters and worlds he brings to life. Though we spend a lot of time in those fictional worlds, we also seek to explore the people who help make them possible. Thus, we discuss not only Bryan himself, but the actors who work with him. Today, we’re going to meet some of the creative minds who’ve worked with Bryan, specifically on the staff of the Hannibal writers’ room. Many of these writers shared their ideas and stories with each other and Bryan, working together to create a gripping, exciting series.

Steve Lightfoot was one of the busiest people in the writers’ room. He is credited as a main writer on a whopping 23 episodes out of 39 total. Many of these episodes were co-written with Bryan himself. Lightfoot worked on all three season finales and many episodes in between, including “Trou Normand,” “Kaiseki,” “Yakimono,” and “Naka-Choko” (which he also came up with the story for). Lightfoot also co-wrote every single third season episode with the exception of “Primavera.” In addition to his writing credits, Lightfoot served as an executive producer on Hannibal, working closely with Bryan to assist in making the show the best it could be. Now that Hannibal is over, Lightfoot is still very occupied! He has written two episodes for the hit Netflix show Narcos, and is currently the creator, producer, and one of the main writers for the Marvel/Netflix series The Punisher, which explores the story of villain Frank Castle.

Scott Nimerfro

We have often lovingly mentioned Scott Nimerfro, a Hannibal writer who passed away in April 2016. He was a co-producer on Pushing Daisies and also worked as a co-executive producer, supervising producer, and writer on Hannibal, for which he determined the story for the episode “Coquilles” and specifically worked as a writer on eight episodes total, including “Roti,” “Takiawase,” and “Futamono” (which he is credited with writing the teleplay itself). In addition to his Hannibal credits, Nimerfro was a producer and writer on the ABC series Once Upon a Time. He remains dearly missed, although his much loved work continues to live on.

Another producer and writer on the Hannibal staff was Jeff Vlaming, who has been writing for science fiction, adventure, and fantasy television shows for over twenty years. His previous credits include work on The X-Files, Xena: Warrior Princess, NCIS, and Teen Wolf. He contributed his talents to six episodes of Hannibal in its second and third seasons, including the episodes “Sakizuke,” “Primavera,” and “The Number of the Beast is 666.”

Chris Brancato‘s Hannibal works include “Potage,” which he wrote the teleplay for, as well as co-writing credits on “Buffet Froid,” “Releves,” and “Tome-wan.” Additionally, he served as an executive producer for all of the first two seasons. Brancato is one of the creators of Netflix series Narcos, and has written various episodes for Law & Order: SVU, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, The X-Files, and Beverly Hills 90210.

Writer Andrew “Andy” Black contributed to three Hannibal episodes, including “Futamono,” which he wrote the screenplay for alongside Scott Nimerfro, and “Buffet Froid” and “Ko No Mono.” Though not a producer on Hannibal itself, he was an executive producer on the USA network show Graceland and currently is a writer and story editor for Narcos. If you want to support some Hannibal writers in their new endeavors, Narcos is the show to watch!

Nick Antosca

Nick Antosca joined the Hannibal team during season three and served as a co-producer for the duration of the season. His writing credits include the episodes “Aperitivo,” “The Great Red Dragon,” and “The Wrath of the Lamb.” He has also written for Teen Wolf, Last Resort, and is the creator and showrunner of anthology horror series Channel Zero, which is something to check out if you enjoy the creepy murder designs on Hannibal! Antosca is also an accomplished author and has published five novels.

Kai Wu

The first female writer we’ll talk about is Kai Wu, who developed the story and teleplay for “Entree,” which is known for being the episode with the most ties to The Silence of the Lambs and serves as an almost love letter to the film. Wu also came up with the story for season two’s “Naka-Choko.” She started her career in television as an assistant on both Flash Gordon and Burn Notice and is currently a story editor and writer for the CW superhero series The Flash.

Jennifer Schuur served as a producer for the entire first season of Hannibal and several episodes in season two. She worked as a writer on the episodes “Oeuf” and “Fromage.” She is the creator of the ABC series The Catch, and previously wrote for Big Love and Army Wives.

Ayanna A. Floyd

Don Mancini was a producer on the third season of Hannibal and wrote for “Dolce” and “…And the Woman Clothed in the Sun.” He currently works with Nick Antosca as a supervising producer on his show Channel Zero. A horror aficionado, he has written and directed several features about Chucky.


Ayanna A. Floyd co-executive produced the second season of Hannibal and brought her writing talents to the table for the episode “Mukozuke.” Floyd served as the vice president of the Organization of Black Screenwriters in 1999-2000, and worked as a co-executive producer on the television shows Empire and Falling Skies.

Angelina Burnett produced Hannibal’s third season and wrote for the episode “Secondo.” She currently works as a supervising producer and writer for AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire.

Helen Shang

Screenwriter Helen Shang joined the producing staff of Hannibal during its third season. She is credited as a writer on “…And the Woman Clothed with the Sun.” She has written two short films, Scratched and Distance, and is currently a story editor and writer on the reimagining of Hawaii Five-O. For more about Helen, her work, and her interests, you can check out her Tumblr blog.


The writers before the airing of the season 3 finale.

@HannibalRoom joined Twitter in June 2014, bringing behind the scenes (and behind the script) tidbits and sneak peeks to the online world of Fannibals. The account was always willing to share pictures of resident pups, Bryan’s dogs Lou and Henry, who were always keen to hang out in the writers’ room.

Though not every writer whose pens and minds touched the show can be discussed fully, the work and love put into Hannibal is appreciated and adored by fans all over the world. Even though the show may be indefinitely finished, the dedicated writers of the series, as well as the show itself, will always be well-loved. Many of these writers are still busy today! Perhaps we’ll see them work with Bryan again soon on American Gods or Amazing Stories; nevertheless, Hannibal writers are all over the world of television.

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