The Minds Behind “Wonderfalls”

Now, I have been writing a lot on the undying legacy of Mister Amazing, Bryan Fuller. To be honest, I would never get bored writing about him or how amazing he is (and duh it is FULLERVERSE, it is his universe so time well spent!). But, along the way of his supercilious career, Bryan collaborated with some of the most creative minds out there. Being masterminds in their field, the outcome is a pure trail of dazzling star-lights manifested in each episode Bryan Fuller ever co-created with one of those talented heroes.

Let’s explore the path of the creators behind our beloved cinematic delight Wonderfalls, starting with the shining gem that must not be forgotten; the one and only Todd Holland.

Todd Holland co-created the show and wrote a number of episodes in Wonderfalls including the brilliantly written and executed pilot “Wax Lion”. In addition to his brilliant work on the pilot episode, along with Bryan, Holland directed “Pink Flamingos”, “Wound-Up Penguin”, “Lovesick Ass”, and “Cocktail Bunny”. His work can be witnessed through the creative lens of the show, and how exceedingly well it was executed and presented to the viewers.

Accompanying Fuller and Todd was a team dripping with talent, including Gretchen J. Berg & Aaron Harberts for “Pink Flamingos” and “Muffin Buffalo”, Tim Minear for “Karma Chameleon” and “Barrel Bear” along with Fuller the great, Liz W. Garcia for “Wound-Up Penguin” and “Safety Canary” along with Alexander Woo, Dan E. Fesman & Harry Victor for “Love Sick Ass”, Krista Vernoff for “Crime Dog” ,“Caged Bird” and “Lying Pig” along with Abby Gewanter, Bryan THE AWESOME Fuller for “Cocktail Bunny” and last, but not least, Harry Victor & Dan E. Fesman for “ Totem Mole”.

All these names gave us the visual treasure that is Wonderfalls. Each episode took its own shape, had its own flavor, and had its own story to tell. When so many great minds come together, an even greater outcome is created. They stirred their talents, along with Bryan, to gift us with an extraordinary piece of work: Wonderfalls.  No wonder it was short lived; it is not your “normal” day-to-day show.

I have to say, I owe it all to Bryan. If not for him, I would not know about any of these amazing writers. He is the one who made me go like “oh right!!!!! These are the hidden gems of the story.” Without them, Wonderfalls would not be complete. It would be floating somewhere in space with no tangibility.

We owe the greatness of this show to these creatives. An absolute ball of awesomeness and glittering success!! It is due to their brilliant writing and execution the loyal fan base of Wonderfalls fought for its return until the very end.


Fun Fact: Immediately after the show’s cancellation, its producers attempted to interest other networks, including The WB, in picking up the series and some episodes were shown in theaters in Los Angeles during the summer of 2004 in order to raise support for the series.

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