Quick “Amazing Stories” Update

With American Gods coming out, other Fuller projects have been momentarily pushed to the side. One of which that hasn’t had a lot of updates is Amazing Stories.

Amazing Stories, created by Steven Spielberg, is a show made in the mid 80s that features short stories of the horror genre. But now thanks to Bryan Fuller, the show is being revived.

In a recent article published by craveonline, Fuller gave just a few updates regarding the show.

The most notable update is that Patton Oswalt, Kumail Nanjiani, Emily Gordon, and Jane Goldman will all have a hand in the creation of the show. Fuller is mainly excited to work with Patton Oswalt, saying, “he’s [Patton Oswalt] brilliant and I think the best way to collaborate with Patton Oswalt is to let him do his thing.”

To those who do not know, Patton Oswalt has worked with Bryan Fuller in the past in a pilot episode called The Amazing Screw-On Head (read our article here for a brief 10 reason list as to why you should watch it).

Even though there is little information regarding the show as of now, it is exciting to know that there is some progress on it. I personally cannot wait for the show to come out. Until then, American Gods, premiering April 30th, will hold me over.

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