Writer Spotlight: The Pie-Perfect People Behind “Pushing Daisies”

It has been almost ten years since the beloved characters, cast, and crew of Pushing Daisies left our television screens, but the show certainly lives on in the minds and memories of the fans. The innovative, charming show was brought to life by a team of creative, remarkable people who worked with Bryan Fuller to ensure that the show was the lovable classic it is today. Their impacts are well-adored and admired, and all of these writers are still at work today making television a better place.

Lisa Joy

Screenwriter Lisa Joy’s career began with Pushing Daisies, and her two episodes “Corpsicle” and “Frescorts” were the first things she wrote for television. Joy also conceptualized the story for the episode “Water & Power.” Joy’s work on Pushing Daisies has allowed her to make a name for herself, as she went on to write for the show Burn Notice, where she became a co-producer. She currently writes for HBO’s Westworld, a high-rated, well-loved show that she herself co-adapted for television. She also serves as an executive producer for Westworld.

Peter Ocko met Fuller while serving as a consulting producer and writer on Dead Like Me, and he eventually went on to work with him again, serving as an executive producer and writer for Pushing Daisies. His work can be seen in the episodes “Dummy,” “Circus, Circus,” and “Water & Power.” He worked as an executive producer for half of the first season and the entirety of season two. When Pushing Daisies ended, Ocko went on to write for the American sitcom The Office, the CBS show Extant, and the Sherlock Holmes reimagining Elementary. He currently writes for and executive produces the television show Black Sails.

Gretchen J. Berg & Aaron Harberts

Gretchen J. Berg is another Pushing Daisies writer who had previously worked with Fuller. She was a producer and writer on Wonderfalls before lending her talents to Pushing Daisies as well. Her writing partner, Aaron Harberts, writes and works on television episodes with her. The two served as executive producers for the entirety of the second season, and worked on the teleplay for the episodes “Bad Habits,” “Frescorts,” and the series finale “Kerplunk.” More recently, they produced and wrote for the show Off the Map, starring Fullerverse’s Caroline Dhavernas, as well as the shows Revenge and Reign. Currently, Berg and Harberts are executive producers on Star Trek: Discovery, which of course was originally co-developed by Fuller.

Abby Gewanter wrote two episodes for Pushing Daisies, “Bitter Sweets” and “Window Dressed to Kill.” Prior to her work on the show, she wrote one episode for Wonderfalls, making her another Fullerverse writing regular. She currently writes for the Epix channel show Graves.

Chad Gomez Creasey worked as a story editor for every episode of Pushing Daisies save the pilot and worked on two episodes as a writer, “Bitches” and “The Legend of Merle McQuoddy.” Recently, he worked as a supervising producer and writer for the ABC show Castle, and served as co-executive producer and writer for last year’s NCIS: New Orleans.

Kath Lingenfelter

Writer Kath Lingenfelter served as the executive story editor for Pushing Daisies for the duration of the show, and put her writing talents to work on the episodes “Girth” and “Oh Oh Oh…It’s Magic.” When Pushing Daisies ended, she produced and wrote for the television shows House and The Leftovers. You can see her most recent work at play on Westworld, for which she writes and executive produces.

The well-loved and very missed Scott Nimerfro, who worked as a writer and executive producer with Fuller on Hannibal, also spent several years of his career working on Pushing Daisies. He produced the show from beginning to end, and his writing is seen in episodes “Smell of Success” and “The Norwegians.” His other recent work as a writer and producer can be seen on ABC’s Once Upon a Time.

Dara Resnik worked as a story editor for Pushing Daisies and worked with Creasey as a writer on episodes “Bitches” and “The Legend of Merle McQuoddy.” Additionally, she worked as a supervising producer and writer for Castle and currently writes for The CW’s hit show Jane the Virgin and Amazon’s recent comedy I Love Dick.

Jim Danger Gray

Jim Danger Gray wrote one Pushing Daisies episode, “Robbing Hood,” and helped come up with the story for “Water and Power.” He worked with Fuller again on Hannibal, serving as a producer on season one and writing one episode. He also served as a writer for Fuller’s original movie High Moon. Currently, Gray produces and writes for Netflix’s widely acclaimed series Orange is the New Black.

Rina Mimoun was a consulting producer and writer for Pushing Daisies, penning the script for the episode “Pigeons.” She has recently written for Eastwick, Hart of Dixie, and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, all three of which she served as a consulting producer on as well.

Davey Holmes held a producing position on Pushing Daisies for its second season and wrote the episode “Dim Sum Lose Some.” Since then, he has worked as a producer and writer on Showtime’s Shameless, and is the executive producer and creator of an upcoming television film called Get Shorty.

A consulting producer for season two, Douglas Petrie wrote the episode “Comfort Food.” Many may recognize his writing from his time spent on Buffy the Vampire Slayer as a story editor, producer, and writer. He also produces and writes for FX’s American Horror Story and Netflix’s Daredevil. His most recent project is the upcoming Netflix series The Defenders, for which Petrie is an executive producer and writer.

Though Pushing Daisies has been off the air for so long, many fans anxiously await some form of return or reunion. It is safe to say that without these writers, the show would not have been as memorable, quotable, and all around adored as it is, and we honor these writers and their dedication to such a wonderful show.

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