The Maze of Gods

It’s quite impossible to turn a blind eye on the Godly atmosphere that has been enveloping the Fullerverse now-a-days with the introduction of the breathing legend American Gods. I did not realise that this show would leave such an impact on me, with just a few episodes airing  (I mean I know Neil Gaiman is a walking and breathing legend and I knew that Bryan would fall nothing short of “out of this world amazing” once he introduced the concept, but still, what I saw exceeded all my expectations). I thought deep and long on what topic I should write about this time and my mind short circled and could not stop thinking of nothing else but American Gods.

I do not want to fill your mind with the fine details of this show, you can always refer to our episode reviews and show synopsis on the site to know that, but rather I want to talk about how Bryan grew bigger and bigger in my eyes once this show was breathed into life for the pleasure of our viewing. Bryan has always been a “Man of The Hour” and “in the moment” kind of guy, so I have always expected nothing less than pure extraordinary perfection when it comes to his work. But, American Gods left a whole new footprint in my mind… a footprint I was not even aware that it is possible to have.

Just like all shows Bryan created, AG falls nothing short of mind blowing – yes, I think this is the most accurate term for this show because it literally blows your mind away and leaves you in the shattered pieces of your own brain, swooning over the brilliance of the Fuller mind. We have only witnessed three episodes so far, but let me tell you, those episodes were EXPLOSIVE and with each passing episode a new twist appears and a new plot uncovers – how perfectly amazing Bryan took Gaiman’s work and crafted it into something spectacular and incredible which no one can create but him!

If you have not watched the show yet, I highly recommend watching it. To tell you the truth, I am a huge Pushing Daisies aficionado and I never thought I would fall in love as heavily as I did with PD with any other Fuller show, but then American Gods came into the picture and proved me wrong. It indulges your mind into a journey of power, control, manipulation, and supernatural strengths which leaves you on an intense roller-coaster ride of endless emotions running wild through the vines of your brain and down to the very last pit of your toes. Trust me, it is that intense, I am not exaggerating! It will leave you wide eyed thinking “Oh My God! I have been fooled all this time. I know nothing about life, NOTHING”.  

Treat your mind with a journey that falls into the category of “exploring the unknown pleasures of the human mind and the eccentric ecstasies of visual extravagant.” If you are wondering how on earth I got around to this phrase, wonder no more! Clearly it is a “Fuller” thing 😀

Can’t wait for you guys to watch this show and join us into the maze of Gods and AWESOMENESS!

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