Fuller Pride

It is almost impossible not to fall in love. Whether it is the charming smile, the beard, or the kind eyes… whatever it is which made you drawn to him, it is worth it.

The thing about Bryan that he is not only devastatingly handsome, but he has all the right characteristics to make him a charismatic personality.  He is pretty open on his social platforms (especially twitter). He allows fans, and curious readers, to enter his world and see a tiny glimpse of the maze of his brain. I like that about him, how open he is. How proud he is of the man he is and how strong he stands, AND LOUD, he stands for his views and societal stands.

To be honest, I would be proud if I were him. Let’s take the most obvious, he has established to himself an empire of success which no one else but him is capable of building. He is a unique guy who is easily loved, and swooned over I might add! I know talking about how awesome he is will never be boring but I believe you guys do not need any more persuasion, as I know you are heads over heals over him (same as I am). I just wanted to refocus the spotlight on him once again. Every great human needs recognition and appreciation and no one deserves all the appreciation in the world more than Brain.

What draw me to be his fan from the very beginning is how well he appreciates his fans. How he calls him “family” and how he always recognizes talent and cherish it! well, that is rare – in a world where people do not have time for their family and friends, you find Bryan the amazing spending time responding to fans, live tweeting, and appreciating opinions and talent as they see them.

I can safely say I am PROUD to be his fan and to be part of his universe and I am sure I am not the only one.  It is a beautiful thing to find someone to look up to and to be proud to have him/her in your life. The beauty of him is in the fact of how he effects so many lives, near and far, without even realizing and that is what makes him a beautiful human, inside out.

A man fulled with bride, strength, brightness and this ball of genuine intelligence which is replacing his brain – these are few of many qualities which will make you, if not in love, at least curious to know what this man is all about. What he allows us to see is strong enough to build him a loyal and overgrowing fan base. This man is a walking and breathing legend and deserves every single good thing which happens to him.

Excuse my gushy article, but if you have been around Bryan as long as I did (10+ years now) you would know how deep he effects your life and in all the right ways. We are all a proud fullerians and if you are not IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO COME TO THE FULLERIAN SIDE OF THE UNIVERSE.

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