Who is Loretta Ramos?

Strong females are no stranger to the Fullerverse. We have Jane Tyler, Alana Bloom, Bedelia Du Maurier, and so on and so forth. However the strong female presence in the ‘verse goes far beyond just characters in a show. Outside of the fictional world is the real life Fullerverse filled with those who work alongside Bryan Fuller. One woman who works closely with Fuller is Loretta Ramos.

Loretta Ramos has worked with Bryan Fuller since Mockingbird Lane and as the Fullerverse has expanded she has remained a pivotal part in Bryan Fuller’s work. She has been the associate producer for Mockingbird Lane, High Noon, and Hannibal from 2013 to 2014. Then she became Hannibal’s co-producer in 2015 and is now currently working as co-producer on American Gods. Outside of the Fullerverse she has also worked on a few shorts as producer as well.

So just from those facts about what she’s been doing in the ‘verse, you can obviously tell she is basically part of the backbone of what makes the Fullerverse the Fullerverse.

By being a female in a rather male dominated industry, Loretta Ramos is truly admirable. She’s breaking the mold in the industry by being such a successful producer thanks to these shows in the ‘verse.

Loretta Ramos can be found on twitter as @lorettaramos where she posts BTS things and live tweets when American Gods airs.

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