American! Gods! Update!

Guys…it’s time…American Gods is coming back!

Filming hasn’t started yet; however, the writers room is in full effect. Plus, there was a recent visit to House on the Rock in Wisconsin that can be seen in these photos taken from Bryan Fuller and Michael Green’s Twitter accounts.

For those who do not know or who have read the book and need a little brush up, House on the Rock, according to the American Gods Wikia, “is a location…where Mr. Wednesday takes Shadow to first meet with the Old Gods in their war against the New Gods.”

On top of that, there was also a recent visit from Mousa Kraish, who played The Jinn, in the writer’s room. He was there to “discuss people of fire,” as Bryan Fuller put it.

Big things are happening and the show is coming closer and closer to our screens with every passing second. It will take some time of course, nothing can just appear overnight, although we are just passing the crescendo of the American Gods creation. It’s an exciting time. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates form Neil Gaiman to Loretta Ramos to Michael Green and to, of course, Bryan Fuller.

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