So We Decided to Watch Hannibal as a Family Thing

This actually happened last year. But since I have an article due and I haven’t been talking about Hannibal for like, 50 hours now, I am writing this down.

Last year when I was home, my family had an intense conversation about the quality of TV today. After spending hours watching K-dramas with my mom (can’t say I didn’t enjoy them though) and depressing Chinese variety shows, I decided to show my parents my favorite TV show, Hannibal.


2-min in.
Mom (on Mads): “Wait. He’s Hannibal. He is Hannibal. Oh God. He scares me!! He is Hannibal!”
Dad: *rolls his eyes*

20-min in.
Mom: “Wow. Damn. He’s a hot Hannibal.”
Dad: *rolls his eyes*








We watched two episodes the first night – they were so hooked. We would talk about the crazy murder cases and the amazing production design of the show, as well as how different it is from a lot of other “American shows” they watched.

Then I was away for a weekend, and when I got back, they have finished season 1.

Finishing a season in 2 days doesn’t sound so intense, but it’s pretty impressive since they finally learned how to properly use the DVD player.


Then I feel like it’s time to dig into the real subjects. I started asking them questions about the show, characters, representations and so on.

Me: So how do you think about the relationship between Hannibal and Will?
Mom: It’s complicated. There’s something going on there.
Me: Do you think it’s love?
Mom: *rolls her eyes* You think everything is love.

(PS: I don’t just think everything is love. I’m just saying if a certain ‘Captain’ fights the whole world to protect his frozen buddy then that’s love. But that’s irrelevant.)

Me: So you don’t think it’s love?
Mom: ‘Love’ may be too simple of a word to describe their dynamics. I think they hate each other, but they can’t live without each other.


Then we started season 3. Dad got really confused about the timeline, and Mom ordered Italian food.

After the mind-blowing season finale, I asked them both again how they feel about the show, as well as how do they think of Hannibal and Will’s dynamics.

Me: So what do you think about Hannibal and Will now?
Mom: It’s love, I’m telling you.
Me: I thought you said ‘love is too simple to describe them’.
Mom: It’s.. it’s a special kind of love. A I-am-a-serial-killer-cannibal-and-I-want-to-kill-people-with-you-and-if-that’s-not-possible-then-maybe-we-should-fall-together kind of love.

Dad nodded, and then added: They act like no one knows but literally EVERYONE KNOWS

(In another universe, Jimmy Price and Brian Zeller nod in mutual agreement.)



3 days after finishing the show, we went to a seafood restaurant and ordered some babylon shells. When the dish came, my parents both told me to eat more ‘snails’.

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