It has been a long way coming: the “Brian” has pulled me back

LOS ANGELES, CA - JULY 06: Writer Bryan Fuller arrives at the 2017 Outfest Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival Opening Night Gala of "God's Own Country" at the Orpheum Theatre on July 6, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Amanda Edwards/WireImage)

I know, I have been on a hiatus since a very long time and to be honest – although, it is just few months – it feels like eternity since my last article on here. But, do not fret. It takes a Fuller brain only so much to get back in the saddle even stronger and more hardcore than before. I kid you not, my time off the verse made me appreciate Bryan even more. I had the chance to really observe his tweets and read more about his work and dig deeper into his universe. Every single time I hit “search” and Bryan comes up I discover something new and indulge in a new found fact about his universe.

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That is why I like, I know “like” is not exactly the type of word you would use to describe your feelings towards the “Brain” but for the sake of this article I would stick with that simple description, Bryan so much. You never get bored from his universe, every time you think you got it all figured it and there is nothing more you can possibly know about him, the Fuller strikes a home run and you are left thirsting for more, again. It is nothing that I would complain about, I am a writer and inspiration is a key to my writings – Bryan is an inspiration bulb that never runs out of energy. Once in a dark place, I switch on that bulb and all of the sudden life turns into that mythical universe of brains and fullers.

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Try it, you will not regret it – that Brain Force. If you are not already a long term fan, here is something you can do whenever you have the time: turn on your laptop and tune in to one of Bryan’s works. I would choose my all-time favorite Pushing Daisies – get lured into a universe of colorful and twisted realities about a young man who brings life to the dead and loves a dead girl who he brought back to life without ever touching! I know tempting… very tempting. If quirky is not your cup of tea, then it will be once you watch one of Bryan’s works because his brilliance will simply make anything he offers irresistible and you will be left wanting more.

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It is funny how every time I try to write an article about his work, I end up writing poetic sentences about how fabulous he is. But, do not blame me – the man is an explosive ray of pure talent and inspiration and once I think of him, the creative juices run wild in my brain and I am left shattered in awe in how will I finish writing this article without sounding like a total grade-A fan girl! And, I often fail in my quest and end up gushing all over – but, that is okay! Perhaps once you read all this gushing you will be tempted to know more about this man who makes it hard to focus and makes every word written coming with a great determination to sound like an intellectual writer, rather than an irrational fan girl!!!

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Bryan fits perfectly into my world, and I am glad I am sucked back into his universe. The universe which gives an alternative escape to the hungry minds of everything extraordinary and exotic in this realm we live in.

Will I ever write a comprehensive review about his work? Perhaps… stay tuned for the next article!


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