“Wax Lions” (Wonderfalls) – From Script to Screen

Sooooooo I realized it’s been a while since my last script to screen post, plus I’ve been talking forever about writing a Wonderfalls article, so yeah, let’s do it.

I was first introduced to Wonderfalls by my film professor. After reading my paper proposal on TV auteur and Hannibal, he turned to me and said, “why don’t you include something about Wonderfalls? That was my favorite show!”

So I went home and watched it, and was immediately blown away by the show.

Despite the 4:3 aspect ratio, Wonderfalls feels so..new. It is an amazingly unpredictable series. It was revolutionary back then(and it aired on FOX?!) and still looks refreshing even now. I mean, having a moody Ivy League graduate working as a broke cashier is a pretty fascinating setup, but revealing a lesbian support role and starting a homosexual love line in the very first episode is quite brave.

Of course, the show is also full of smart humor, quirky jokes and heartwarming moments, like some other well-made comedy shows. It is cute and thoughtful at the same time.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed the series. Let us relive some of the great moments from the first episode of Wonderfalls.

This is basically how the series started – a weird folklore told by a mean millennial to a naughty child in a depressing souvenir store next to the breath-taking Niagara Falls.

And then the fun begins.

After Jaye’s unexpected encounter with the waxed lion, we are introduced to her ‘model’ family.


BONUS because you know, Lee Pace.

Weird illusions, mom drama and uncomfortable family dynamics take us to.. therapy.


Immediately after Sharon’s sexuality is revealed, they run into a situation. This is probably my favorite scene from this episode – it is quick, strong and deadly funny.


At the end of a long tiring day, Sharon gets her happy moment (awww!).


I am also a fan of the Eric+Jaye chemistry in this episode. Though they are both unhappy in their own ways, they find comfort in the smallest things, and maybe, each other.


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