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American Gods writers Bryan Fuller and Michael Green shot at Los Angeles Center Studios by Jake Michaels for Variety EE 061917

A new year inevitably brings with it new beginnings, and in the verse of Bryan Fuller, there are no exceptions. 2017 simultaneously saw Fuller’s new chapter come ablaze at the arrival of American Gods, with him and Green boldly at the helm, only to be abruptly followed up, post-season finale, with the duo’s relinquish of the creative reins. Naturally, shock, disappointment, and even a dose of outrage pulsed through the web as news of the men’s creative departure seeped out via numerous reputed media outlets such as Nerdist and Variety. Each of the aforementioned emotions, of course, being understandable as they are (obviously) human; however, these stirrings have since seem to have come to a simmer, while the hum of fate and circumstance remain ongoing.

While Neil Gaiman appears to have been at the top of some hopeful, though hypothetical, lists of potential showrunner successors, the author and present runner of Good Omens, hushed such whisperings via Twitter, stating that he has zero plans to take over American Gods. Instead, he’ll be maintaining his focus on the page-to-screen adaptation of his and Pratchett’s novel until sometime next year before migrating into retirement in order to return solely to novel writing. More likely than not, Gaiman’s statement(s) have been met with a combination of fret and disappointment, but Fuller fans may be unwise to abandon all hope of Bryan and Michael ever reclaiming American Gods soil.

The season two premiere date for the Starz series remains as uncertain as the creative and budgetary alterations, with no reported updates to either concerns, yet the cast remains mostly intact*, with the majority of the season’s scripts having already been composed. As frustrating as Laura Moon’s predicament of wanting to be un-undead the current situation may be, there is little for avid fans to do aside from wait, with breath long held, for Bryan’s forthcoming projects, as they continue to stay by his side. Apart from this, it should be said that creative business affairs within the industry, along with their terms and conditions, can be as fickle as the gods often are in their quest for relevance and worship.

To be more direct, no one can predict what fate and circumstance will serve next. Matters such as these within the entertainment industry are seldom, if ever, written in stone. That said, while the possibility of Fuller and Green returning in the future may exist (should negotiations finally, somehow, be met by FremantleMedia), followers of Fuller must be open to whatever else is on the horizon. With production for Amazing Stories set to commence in April, and studio talks officially having turned serious in relation to the ravenously anticipated revival of Hannibal, the year of 2018 will undoubtedly see a multitude of twists and turns.

Buckle up.

*As of January 2, The LA Times publicized that the beloved Gillian Anderson will not be returning as iconic new god Media in American Gods’ sophomore season due to Fuller’s and Green’s exits. It is now that the Fullerverse staff, along with fans abroad, hold a brief moment to scream à la Shadow Moon into the vast and formidable void.





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