Bryan Fuller joins “The Vampire Chronicles”

Cannibals, Gods, bring dead things to life, and being able to talk to inanimate objects, all of these are things that Bryan Fuller has brought to the television table. However, he is now embarking on a journey that he hasn’t faced before: vampires. From the novel series The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice will be a television adaptation featuring Bryan Fuller as writer and executive producer. But this isn’t the first adaptation to film this series has had. In 1994, the movie Interview with a Vampire was created starring Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Antonio Banderas, Christian Slater, and Kristin Dunst. The book series is comprised of 12 novels following a character named Lestat de Lioncourt and this series will then follow him and his original story.

According to Anne Rice’s Facebook post on the Vampire Chronicles page, when Bryan Fuller was 13 he first approached her about adapting the series. He got in contact with her producer however he was denied because of his age. But that obviously did not deter his dream to this adaptation. Now in 2018, he’s accomplished is childhood goal.

To read the full story go here to her official Facebook post.

This series is bound to be amazing and I cannot wait till it comes out. It’s speculated that it’ll be released in 2019. But do not fret, there is still Amazing Stories coming to sustain our Fuller needs.

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