“Will” you? yes, you Will – A Will Graham Character Study

The melodic symphony of unorthodox realities – Character Focus

The curious case of Will Graham


“We don’t know what nightmares lie coiled beneath Will’s pillow.” – Hannibal Lecter

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How right Dr. Lecter is in this quote. Will is one of the most enigmatic characters of Bryan’s baby Hannibal. The stigmatic aroma which envelopes the character is quiet ecstatic. It is not your ordinary character with average personality twists and a life crisis. His twists are the kind of twists which embrace your brain cells and send your mind wondering into a phase of “what the hell just happened?” and literally fry your brain to the core with all the mind blowing, life revolving questions.


It is quite natural to become poetic, and rather mysterious, while writing about Will Graham. He is the one character which draws you into the story and makes you longing for more. He masters the events around him and orchestrates the rhythms of his setting, creating the perfect design. Yes, he redesigns the events happening / happened, giving us (the viewers / readers) a new perspective- a perspective which our incapable minds were unable to know even existed.

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His mind is like an open maze. Never seizes to have a surprising kink on every turn. Graham’s mind is not a mind to understand, but rather it is the type of mind which allows you to dive in its deepest layers without being able to get or comprehend anything from it. He allows you into his universe, thinking that this is the way to lure you into his mind – but little does he know, that once you dive into his universe, you get lost and you are incapable of finding your way out.

He imprisons the viewers/ readers with his philosophical, and rather mythical, theories and strategies on solving murders. Let alone the flaming, and quiet apparent,  love affair between him and Lecter – but, analyzing him enables Will to have a powerful statement of judgement and gives him all the right means to have the most deceitful ways to magnetize you into his world of analytical reviews and wondrous spins.

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The only time you will witness me widen my horizons and become a mini Holmes is when I am analyzing Graham. He has this charismatic power which makes you kneel into his intellectual means and forces you to use your brain (even if you do not want to!). He is a layered character, with more dark and mysterious sides than plain black and white ones. He intrigues you to step into a world of endless possibilities and countless realities.


Special thanks to Hugh Dancy for portraying such an outstanding character so effortlessly amazing!

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