Welcome to the “Brain” Odyssey, “Vampire Chronicles”!

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The “Brain” Odyssey : From bringing back the dead to joining the blood sucking cult

There is something about the magnetizing aroma of extraordinary events and exotic settings which set off all the right chords in Bryan’s Brain, is that not right? To be honest, there is nothing more appealing than having to witness the work of  a quirky brain. Ordinary brains are mundane anyways and you would not get much excitement out of them either… who wants that? Definitely not “Fullerians”.

From bringing up the dead out of a single touch (Pushing Daisies) to handsome psychopath cannibals who, not surprisingly, have a twist or two in their minds (Hannibal) – the Bryan’s odyssey has it all. All the extravagant twists and turns which makes up the perfect mind-blow… you name it, Bryan has it. The latest edition to this mythical (yes, I am using this word) journey is the recent news of Bryan joining the crew of the “Vampire Chronicles” – you can read about it on our blog.

It is fascinating how Bryan always manages to pick the best choice for him to work with. Not your plain Jane but not your SAW master as well; he has his own perfect balance of all the right chemicals which makes up the Godly creation that is the BRAIN – Bryan Fuller. You have to give me credit, as this article is ALMOST coherent and makes sense, but as it is always the case Bryan vibes came in the way and made a whole mess of formulating sentences that attempt to give the man the credit he deserves (and fails miserably).

My point here is that you have to turn your google alerts on for Bryan and keep a wide eye on his recent work. His legacy did not stop at American Gods and being his awesome self. He continues to bedazzle us with endless surprises and so many great things are rounding the corner!

I do not know about you, BUT I CAN NOT WAIT FOR MORE!

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