Dead Like Me

Show Synopsis

When a falling toilet seat abruptly ends Georgia Lass’ life, she discovers that life after death isn’t what she thoughat it would be. Joining a team of grim reapers like her, George must collect the souls of the dearly departed and deal with the ups and downs of the afterlife.

Season 1

101. Pilot – Georgia “George” Lass is an 18-year-old girl whose life ends when a falling toilet seat from a space station kills her. She becomes a grim reaper and has to reap the souls of those who just died along with a group of other grim reapers. George’s first assignment is to reap a young girl’s soul.

102. Dead Girl Walking – George decides that she’s not cut out for the reaper job and leaves a man’s soul in his body. She realizes that her decision has repercussions. Meanwhile, George’s family are still having a tough time with her death so, Reggie deals with it by stealing toilet seats from her school.

103. Curious George – George visits her family and finds out that hanging onto her past is something that she shouldn’t be doing. Also, George gets a job at Happy Time and deals with a reaping at a gas station.

104. Reapercussions – George helps a man miss his death appointment. Meanwhile, Mason and Rube get into some trouble at the airport and Joy discovers Reggie’s dead bird that she picked up and brought home.

105. Reaping Havoc – George and Betty become good friends but the friendship doesn’t last long. Meanwhile, Mason stays with an old lady, reaps her soul, and waits for her to go into the afterlife so he can take her belongings.

106. My Room – A new replacement named Daisy Adair takes Betty’s place in the group. Rube makes Daisy stay and live with George. Also, George joins Delores’ bowling team, Rube meets Joy on a reap, and Joy finds Reggie’s toilet seat tree.

107. Reaper Madness – George develops a crush on a schizophrenic who can see gravelings. Rube tries to stop the relationship but George persists in her actions. Meanwhile, Mason tries to get Daisy to like him on their reap together and George sends messages to Reggie to help her out.

108. A Cook – George gives a golden retriever she got from a reap to her family and Rube takes the place of a recently deceased grill cook at Der Waffle Haus.

109. Sunday Mornings – George goes to a college campus for a reap and becomes friends with a student who likes George’s dad. Meanwhile, Roxy takes an angry man’s soul out of his body and puts it back, who then becomes more religious.

110. Unfinished Business – Daisy talks Mason and George into stealing some money from the son of a wealthy man whose soul was reaped. Meanwhile, it’s Roxy’s 21st anniversary of her death and she mourns her own passing.

111. The Bicycle Thief – George quits her job at Happy Time and gets a new one. Mason hangs out with a gay couple that he has to reap and the soul of a painter that Daisy reaped follows her around. Also, Mason gives a new house to George and Daisy and Joy loses JD.

112. Nighthawks – Rube gives Daisy, Roxy, and Mason a self-evaluation test in which George is unable to take due to her being a new reaper. Meanwhile, George finds out that Rube has an assignment at her family’s house and the reapers look back on past reaps.

113. Vacation – The gravelings take the day off so the reapers help Rube with some work. George reminisces on a family vacation, which her family is on in the present day in their first year taking the trip without George. Also, George comes up with the idea of filing all of the victim’s last words digitally on the Happy Time computers.

114. Rest in Peace – Rube gives George a day off from reaping since it has been a year from her death so she tries to get her job back at Happy Time. Meanwhile, Rube goes to reap at a yoga class, and Daisy helps Mason out with hooking up with girls. George’s family visits her grave.

Season 2

201. Send in the Clown – George has a crush on another Happy Time employee, which Delores does not approve of. Meanwhile, Rube and Mason go to a reap at a kid’s party, Roxy quits her job as a meter maid, and Joy and Clancy get a divorce.

202. The Ledger – George finds out about her parents selling her childhood home, gets her bike stolen and is also accused of stealing supplies from Happy Time. Meanwhile, Daisy reaps the soul of a jewelry shop owner and Mason tries his best to convince everyone that he has stopped drinking for good.

203. Ghost Story – George decides to go on the Happy Time company retreat. Daisy and Mason try to find a lost post-it note. Joy tries to sell the house.

204. The Shallow End – George learns from Mason and Rube to be meaner at work to get a boy to like her. Mason stays with a reap who doesn’t leave for the afterlife until he sees his own funeral. Meanwhile, Daisy tries to help a soul she reaped find them with God.

205. Hurry – An efficiency expert comes to Happy Time and annoys George. Rube stays at the post office for a letter, Daisy goes speed dating, Mason tracks down a bicycle messenger he has to reap, and Roxy goes the airport for a reap. Also, more tension arises with Joy and Clancy’s divorce.

206. In Escrow – Delores makes George decide whom to hire as an employee at Happy Time. Reggie’s babysitter leaves her while Joy goes on a date with a man she met house hunting. Mason reaps a rock star he looked up to as a kid and Daisy’s cross she stole is wanted back by the victim’s family. Also, Rube takes the group to a mass reap.

207. Rites of Passage – George has to reap the soul of a famous rock star and Mason forgets about a reap he had to do. Daisy reevaluates her faith and Joy’s mother comes to visit.

208. The Escape Artist – An assignment takes George to a country club where she beings to develop a crush on the son of her reap. Roxy and Mason fly to Cancún for a reap and Rube and Daisy go to a reap at Reggie’s school.

209. Be Still My Heart – George searches for Trip who is at his father’s funeral. Daisy leaves a soul in a woman’s body after being mortified of what was done to her. Rube leaves Roxy in charge as he goes in search for someone. More tension arises between Joy and Clancy.

210. Death Defying – George becomes angry after not hearing from Trip, Daisy befriends a TV producer, and Rube seeks out someone from his past.

211. Ashes to Ashes – George helps out a homeless man she has to reap by pretending to be his relative. Meanwhile, Daisy gets a job on Ray’s reality TV show; Mason is repulsed by her action. Also, Reggie and a young Goth girl become friends.

212. Forget Me Not – George tries to get a soul she reaped who was an Alzheimer’s patient to recognize her own death. Joy tries to get a job at Happy Time and Mason protects Daisy from Ray, who had become violent with her after she said she wants to break up with him. Also, Rube tries to get a reaper he knows to help him find his daughter.

213. Last Call – Mason and Daisy must keep Ray’s murder a secret but Roxy interrogates Daisy when she suspects she’s keeping something about Ray from her. Also, JD runs off and Reggie sets out to look for him.

214. Always – Mason becomes homeless after giving away his belongings. George suggests that Mason move in with Daisy but she refuses since Ray’s graveling follows her and Mason around. Meanwhile, Rube visits someone special and the Lass’ bury JD.

215. Haunted – A serial killer that only kills on Halloween is at large and the reapers must reap his victims’ souls. George has her suspicions about the killer and tries to catch him. Also, Joy, Reggie, and George visit George’s grave.