Pushing Daisies

Show Synopsis

Ned is a pie maker with a strange ability; he can bring the dead back to life. He occasionally works with and helps out a private investigator named Emerson Cod. When Ned finds out that his childhood love is dead and he chooses to let her live again, he must live with the fact that he can never touch or she’ll be dead forever.

Season 1

101. Pie-lette – Ned is a pie maker with a strange power. He can wake the dead with one touch. A second touch and they’re dead again forever. For only a minute, he can keep the dead alive, any longer than that something else must die. He finds out his childhood sweetheart, Charlotte “Chuck” Charles, has died and makes the decision to keep her alive, letting somebody else die. He is now forced to keep his distance from her because with one touch she’ll be dead again.

102. Dummy – Emerson tries to get Chuck to stop coming along on cases with him and Ned. Meanwhile, Ned struggles to keep his secrets from his childhood away from Chuck. They investigate a man who was killed in a hit-and-run accident.

103. Fun in Funeral – The gang investigates the funeral director that died after Ned revived Chuck. Chuck bakes antidepressants into her aunt’s pies and has Olive deliver them. Olive soon finds out Chuck’s secret.

104. Pigeon – Ned, Chuck, and Emerson investigate a plane that crashed into an apartment building and Ned becomes jealous of Chuck’s interest in the survivor of the crash. Olive, Vivian, and Lily help out a pigeon that Ned brought back to life.

105. Girth – The gang investigates a ghost that has been killing off jockeys. Olive fears that she could be next since she and the victims used to race together.

106. Bitches – A dog breeder dies and blames his wife for the death but the gang soon finds out that he’s a polygamist and has four wives. Emerson begins to develop feelings for one of the wives while Ned thinks about his feelings for Olive and Chuck.

107. Smell Of Success – Emerson, Ned, and Chuck investigate the death of a woman that was caught in a scratch-and-sniff book explosion. Meanwhile, Olive tries to get Chuck’s aunts to do their Darling Mermaid Darlings synchronized swimming act again.

108. Bitter Sweets – A new candy store opens up across The Pie Hole and tries to take out Ned’s restaurant. Ned investigates the candy store himself and finds one of the employees dead.

109. Corpsicle – Ned confesses his secret to Chuck and tries to work things out with her. Emerson and Ned investigate a corpse found in ice while Lily has hallucinations after Olive overdoses her pie with antidepressants.

Season 2

201. Bzzzzzzzzz! – The trio investigate a murder at a honey-based cosmetics company and Ned gets frustrated with Chuck’s independence. Olive joins a nunnery to keep Lily’s secret.

202. Circus, Circus – The gang investigate a runaway case that leads to a circus, Ned and Chuck try to work out the slight distance they have between them, and Olive decides to stay at the nunnery.

203. Bad Habits – The trio investigates a murder at Olive’s nunnery but Olive is afraid that she might accidentally tell Chuck a secret from her past.

204. Frescorts – The gang investigates a murder at a friend escort service company with the help of Emerson’s mom. Chuck moves in with Olive after she comes back from the nunnery.

205. Dim Sum Lose Some – A murder occurs at the Dim Sum restaurant underneath Emerson’s P.I. office. Emerson, along with the team, goes to investigate it and he finds himself with Simone Hundin again. Also, Chuck and Olive find out about Ned’s sibling secret.

206. Oh Oh Oh…It’s Magic – An assistant of a great magician is found dead and the gang investigates. A man named Dwight Dixon turns up at the Charles sister’s doorstep and Chuck tries to get Lily to confess her secret.

207. Robbing Hood – The gang investigates the murder of a millionaire that was thought to be part of a robbery. Meanwhile, Dwight Dixon gets closer to Vivian and finds out the truth about Chuck.

208. Comfort Food – Chuck keeps the secret of her keeping her father alive after Ned touched him when they visited his grave. Dwight Dixon, who was at the grave spying on them, dies instead. Meanwhile, Ned and Olive investigate a murder at a comfort food bake-off they are competing in.

209. The Legend Of Merle McQuoddy – Emerson and Olive investigate the death of a lighthouse keeper’s wife. Chuck’s father tries to keep Ned away from Chuck.

210. The Norwegians – Ned and Chuck look for Chuck’s father. Vivian hires a Norwegian investigation team after Emerson Cod turned down her case to find out what happened to Dwight Dixon.

211. Window Dressed To Kill – Instead of investigating the murder of a department store window dresser with Emerson and Chuck, Ned pretends to be Olive’s fiancé when her childhood kidnappers visit her.

212. Water and Power – Emerson investigates the death of a man who ran the local dam. The case eventually leads him to a familiar face from his past.

213. Kerplunk – When a member of Lily and Vivian’s rival synchronized swimming team dies, they come out of retirement and return as the famous swimming duo, the Darling Mermaid Darlings. Ned, Olive, and Emerson investigate the murder while Chuck watches her aunts swim from the stands.