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Jaye Tyler has an ivy-league degree in philosophy but disregards it, deciding to live in a trailer and work at a Niagara Falls gift shop instead. She begins to hear inanimate toy animals talking to her and telling her to do things. Jaye believes that she might be going insane but does these strange things and finds out that she’s actually helping out others.

http://communicatebetter.net/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://communicatebetter.net/services/executive/ 101. Wax Lion – Jaye Tyler works for a gift shop at Niagara Falls called Wonderfalls. She begins to start hearing voices from toy animals and they tell her to do things.

buy generic neurontin online 102. Karma Chameleon – A young runaway with a stutter named Bianca finds a job at Wonderfalls. The muses tell Jaye to “get her words out” and she tries to help Bianca. Jaye soon realizes that Bianca begins to start looking and acting exactly like her.

103. Wound-Up Penguin – Jaye and Eric find a woman who was living in a barrel that is actually a runaway nun. Jaye tells the nun about her gift after being told by the animals to do so and the nun tries to exorcise her.

104. Pink Flamingos – Jaye accidentally runs her dad over and a highly disliked high school classmate asks her to help out with the school reunion. She does so but the night ends in mere chaos.

105. Crime Dog – Aaron discovers Jaye’s secret when she’s seen talking to one of the muses. A cow shaped creamer dispenser told Jaye and Aaron to bring back their illegal housekeeper who was deported to Canada.

106. Muffin Buffalo – Jaye tries to help out a recluse neighbor whose feelings she accidentally hurt while the animals tell Jaye to do the opposite with another neighbor whose disability checks she had received.

107. Barrel Bear – Jaye and Mahandra disagree and debate over who was the first woman to ride over Niagara Falls in a barrel.

108. Lovesick Ass – Jaye and Eric try to help a Russian woman meet her fiancé she met online who turns out to be a 13-year-old boy. Meanwhile, Peter’s affections for Jaye grow and he tries to keep her and Eric apart.

109. Safety Canary – When the muse’s instruct Jaye to let loose a rare bird, she manages to get the bird keeper fired. Jaye, Eric, and the bird keeper set out and try to “save the lovebirds”.

110. Lying Pig – Jaye is told by the animals to help out Eric and his wife’s relationship when she comes back to town. Jaye tries her best not to listen to the muses since she likes Eric and turns to Aaron for advice.

111. Cocktail Bunny –  Jaye worries about Eric after the muses tell her to “save him from her”. Meanwhile, Jaye’s parents make Jaye go back to therapy.

112. Totem Mole – Jaye, Mahandra, and Sharon visit a Native American reservation where Sharon ignites an old rivalry. Jaye tries to help a grandson of an accountant find his inner spiritual gift after speaking with a spirit who was actually talking about Jaye.

113. Caged Bird – Jaye, Sharon, Alec, and Wade are hostage in Wonderfalls by a robber while Eric prepares to leave Niagara Falls for good.