Wonderfalls Characters

Jaye Tyler

Though she and her show were quite short-lived, Jaye, played by Caroline Dhavernas, is as endearing and intelligent as any of the Fullerverse leads. Jaye’s sarcastic approach to life and disdain for higher achievement make her painfully relatable to anyone who feels trapped in the world they live in. Though Jaye is undeniably smart, as implied by her philosophy degree from Brown University, she does not utilize those smarts in a career and instead works as a saleswoman at the Wonderfalls Gift Emporium. Jaye’s family, though being extremely caring towards her, get on her nerves with constant doting and attempts to force her into a tangible career. Jaye, however, does not wish to pursue a high-salary, time-occupying career, much to her family’s dismay.

Nevertheless, Jaye’s attempts to engage in a simple, uneventful life are soon thwarted. Jaye’s life becomes unexpectedly complicated when muses, appearing as small animal objects around her, begin speaking to her and delivering strange messages, usually urging her to do something. Though Jaye is unwilling at first, the muses are persistent and she eventually gives in, allowing the muses to help her assist others in life. Despite others’ constant remarks and concerns that she is losing her mind, Jaye stays steadfast and sure of herself, particularly because of the good that comes out of the muses’ advice. Because of the positive effects that occur when she adheres to the muses’ instructions, Jaye begins to acknowledge the simple ways in which she is changing her world.

Sharon Tyler

Sharon, played by Katie Finneran, is Jaye’s eldest sibling. She works as an immigration lawyer, thus enjoying a career that is quite successful, lavish, and supported by the Tyler parents; in other words, Sharon is, in many ways, the opposite of Jaye. The differences in their personalities can be easily perceived by small aggressions between the two early in the series.

Sharon is a lesbian, yet is not out to her parents or the rest of the family, save for Jaye. The sisters are able to form a closer bond after Sharon shares this secret with her, and Jaye strives to protect Sharon from being outed. Though Sharon is still a bit cold to Jaye, there is a definitive difference in her personality once she knows she is safe with Jaye knowing. In turn, Sharon is extremely grateful for her sister’s support, and helps Jaye out in legal matters with only occasional small bursts of bitterness.


Aaron Tyler

Aaron is played by Fullerverse regular Lee Pace, and is Jaye’s older brother. Aaron lives at home with his parents as he works on his PhD in Comparative Religions. Aaron is often a relaxed individual, though he has a definite thirst for knowledge. He and Jaye often argue, yet still maintain a close sibling relationship that grows even stronger when Jaye confides to him about the muses. Initially, Aaron dismisses his sister’s claims about the animal objects, therefore siding with the rest of the family in theorizing that she is going crazy. Eventually, however, he begins to believe Jaye, even attempting to speak to the animals himself, exhibiting the aforementioned thirst for firsthand information. Because he is the only one who fully understands and believes that the muses are speaking to Jaye, Aaron is the only one Jaye can truly discuss the happenings with, and he is also ready and willing to help Jaye out whenever a muse offers instructions. Despite being an atheist, Aaron starts to suspect that the muses are the voice of God, causing him to undergo a crisis about his beliefs.


Mahandra McGinty

Tracie Thoms portrays Mahandra, who is Jaye’s best friend. Mahandra works at the Barrel, a bar where Jaye often goes to visit her. She is quite witty and possesses a similar sense of humor to Jaye. She always grounds Jaye to Earth, acting as a reasonable voice. Mahandra has a close relationship not only with Jaye, but all of the Tylers, who see her as a part of the family. However, despite their tight friendship, Jaye never fully tells Mahandra about the muses, perhaps because she fears Mahandra will dismiss the claims, listening to reason over her friend. In fact, whenever Jaye attempts to bring up the situation, Mahandra believes she is joking.

Mahandra and Aaron eventually begin a relationship with each other, something that they try to withhold from the rest of the family, including Jaye.


Eric Gotts

Eric is brought to life by Tyron Leitso. He is a bartender at the Barrel and eventually becomes Jaye’s love interest. He is a compassionate and friendly man, attracting Jaye immediately, though they are somewhat opposites. They often flirt both with each other and the idea of having a relationship, but he is a married man and is also concerned because Jaye is unsure of her own mental state. Eric is currently in Niagara because he came on his honeymoon with his wife Heidi. However, upon discovering Heidi cheating on him, he stayed put and received his job bartending.



Alec, played by Neil Grayston, is nicknamed “the Mouthbreather” by Jaye. Though the two were initially coworkers, he was given the position of Assistant Manager because he is better with customers than Jaye is. Jaye resents him and his authority because he is still in high school, making her significantly older than her own boss. She never comes to respect him, instead doing her own things while on the job. He often gives her orders and tries to use his position to maintain power over him, but she disregards these attempts.


Darrin Tyler

William Sadler portrays Darrin, the father of the three Tyler siblings and husband of Karen. He is an extremely dedicated man who is very focused on his job as a successful surgeon and his hobby as a composer. Additionally, he is a political man, steadfast in those beliefs. He is proud of Sharon and Aaron, yet extremely worried about Jaye because he feels that she is worth much more than sitting in her trailer wasting her life away. However, he does remain supportive in his love for her.


Karen Tyler

Karen is the Tylers’ mother, played by Diana Scarwid. Karen writes books on Niagara that are available for tourists, making her popular and well-liked throughout the town. Though she too wants the absolute best for her children, she is often critical of their lives and interferes with their personal matters. Even though they are grown, she does not allow them a lot of personal space and worries about her success as a parent. Karen’s meddling is particularly evident in Jaye, who is often annoyed by her mother.


Heidi Socket Gotts

Jewel Staite plays Heidi, the manipulative and sly wife of Eric. She is immediately suspicious of Jaye, correctly guessing about her feelings for Eric. She attempts to thwart this burgeoning relationship, making things quite difficult for Jaye. Though she dotes on Eric and appears loving towards him, he eventually comes to terms with her cunning nature.




Beth is played by Kari Matchett and is the former wife of Thomas. She is instantly attracted to Sharon Tyler and the two begin a secret relationship. Sharon is unsure of Beth’s sexuality, wary that she may not be gay or bisexual but simply looking for a short, exciting fling.



Thomas, an EPS delivery man, is played by Gabriel Hogan. He was married to Beth, but the two are separated. He is initially attracted to Sharon, which is ironic considering that she begins seeing his ex-wife. A peanut allergy results in him journeying to the hospital, which is where Beth and Sharon first meet.


Dr. Ron Campbell

Scotch Ellis Loring portrays Dr. Ron, a therapist who becomes involved in both Jaye’s and Aaron’s concerns about their mental states. Like everyone else, Dr. Ron does not believe Jaye at first when she brings up the topic of the muses. He is also quite worried about Aaron’s similar claims; however, he second guesses these beliefs after recording the sessions between himself and Jaye.



Gretchen Speck-Horowitz

Played by Chelan Simmons, Gretchen was the most popular girl in the high school class that Jaye and Mahandra were in. Gretchen realizes that she lacks a true identity and instead changes herself to appear the best in comparison to others. She comes to terms with the fact that she does not love her husband, and decides to restart her life and prove she is better than her old classmates.

Gretchen also appears in NBC’s Hannibal as the same character. Though she has a very brief role, she says that she “lost the hyphen, kept the ring,” which is a line she first states in Wonderfalls.


Marianne Marie Beattle

Marianne is played by Beth Grant. She is a neighbor of Jaye’s, living in the same trailer park, and she desperately wants to start a fat free muffin company, which she plans to name “Muffin Buffalo.” Since she is missing her disability checks, she is poor and lacking the income to start her business and get out of the trailer park.

Marianne makes an appearance in Pushing Daisies, in which she has gotten her business off the ground and is a competitor in the Papen County Comfort Food Cook-Off. The advancement of her company has allowed her to development a competitive streak and much-needed confidence.


Sister Katrina

Sister Katrina, played by Carrie Preston, is a nun who is met by Jaye and Eric when she is hiding in a barrel. Though she struggles with faith and is questioning its reality, she wants to save Jaye from the muses and force them to stop talking to her through an exorcism.